You’re making a list… And checking it twice…

As you wind down your year and make plans to evaluate your recruiting practices, here is a handy list worthy of checking twice. Are you being naughty or nice?

Recruiting Naughty and Nice Checklist


  • You are targeting recruiting sources that ensure a pool of qualified, diverse applicants. You are recruiting from various colleges, including local universities, HBCUs, technical colleges, and professional organizations that advocate for various populations, i.e., women, older workers, disabled, veterans, minorities, etc.
  • Your career section on your website speaks of, and depicts diversity.
  • Your online application process is simple and user friendly.
  • Your job announcement is up-to-date, accurate, and indicates the appropriate level of experience and education needed to effectively perform the job.
  • You are promptly responding to applicants.
  • You are removing old job ads from recruiting sites when they are filled or closed.
  • Your pre-employment assessments are valid and reliable, directly related to the job, and measures one or more essential job characteristics.


  • You are using recruiting channels that do not result in a diverse pool of qualified applicants.
  • Your application process takes a long time to complete, only for applicants to receive no response, an automated “Dear John” response, or a rejection response within a couple of days.
  • You screen applicants for experience and qualifications not listed on the job ad.
  • The salary does not represent the level of experience and education required.
  • You do not follow-up with applicants promptly, or do not respond when you initially agreed to.
  • You are not keeping your list of openings up to date. You have job ads on the site posted six months or longer, yet qualified applicants feel they are being overlooked.
  • You repeatedly post the same job; applicants are not sure why they are not being considered.
  • Your pre-employment assessment perpetuates biases.

Being on the nice list will help you recruit qualified applicants needed to effectively operate your business and leave them with a positive impression of your brand. Being on the naughty list creates the opposite effect. Need help getting off the naughty list, or not sure you are on the naughty list? Contact me for a consultation.

Shaunna Tyus, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is a human resources recruitment and retention consultant specializing in helping organizations create a workplace culture that results in increased employee happiness, productivity, and retention.